Maloney through to X Factor semi-final

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Christopher Maloney on X Factor © ITV

Christopher Maloney is through to the semi-finals of The X Factor, as the public voted to save the Scouser for yet another week, and while he may not be popular with the judges the fans seem to like him.

With each act having to give two performances last night, an Abba song and a Motown classic, Christopher, who received death threats via Twitter during the week after staying instead favourite-to-win Ella Henderson last week, started the night with his rendition of ‘Fernando’.

After his performance, Nicole Scherzinger said: “That was a lovely theatrical piece. Very good vocals, but it was a little bit of a snoozer. I can’t knock you for how hard you work though.”

Louis Walsh chose to comment more on the dancers prancing around him rather than Christopher’s voice. He said: “With all the topless men around you, I’m just glad you kept your top on! Good vocals though.”

Tulisa, the only judge to have no acts left in the competition, agreed with Louis and said: “The staging, for me, was creepy. I didn’t get it. I tried to stop myself from giggling, because I know you’re trying your best. Vocally, you sounded very good.”

Over 28s’ mentor Gary Barlow, annoyed at his fellow judges for focusing on the staging over Christopher’s voice, said: “Sorry about these comments. They should’ve focused more on what we were listening to.”

Christopher, who has been criticised for weeks with rumours about being a diva and voting for himself, said: “I just tried to give the best performance I could.”

For his second performance, the 34-year-old from Kirkdale, who has been hailed as ‘The People’s Champion’, sang Lionel Richie’s ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’.

Christopher Maloney on X Factor © ITV

Nicole said: “You had good energy up there. You tried something new.  With this being Motown week, I’m looking for Coco Pops drowning in full fat milk; you’re giving me skimmed milk on top of a single Cornflake. I’m looking for soul and I don’t see much soul. I appreciate how much work you’ve put in though.”

Louis agreed with the Pussycat Doll, and said: “You sang well and I know you’re working hard, but it was a little like being in Benidorm or Blackpool in a cheesy karaoke party. However, you sang well and I cant fault that.”

Tulisa, who has made it clear every week that she is not a fan of the Liverpool singer, said: “I don’t always believe what you’re singing. It just seems like you’re putting on a show, and I can’t connect with you like I can the other acts.”

Gary defended his act and said: “I’m starting to get uncomfortable with how much criticism you get each week. I don’t think people appreciate how much you’ve improved as a singer.”

Chris replied: “I take all the comments on board as much as I can. I’m just doing what I do and staying true to myself, and I’m thankful for the people keeping me in. I think I’ve come on leaps and bounds throughout this competition.”

Christopher will fight for his place in the final next week, having reached the last four left in the competition.

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