Abandoned puppies donated £15,000

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Maggie and Matilda on the mend

Sympathetic animal lovers have raised nearly £15,000 for two abandoned puppies that were left covered in chemicals in a Bootle park.

The heart-breaking story has caused many people to donate to the cause with one man, giving £2,500 alone.  Having carried out operations and caring for the animals, the Liverpool Freshfields Centre is now confident that they will be able to continue to look after them until they are ready to be given a home.

One of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Matilda, who has lost her eyesight completely, has now got problems with one of her legs due to malnutrition. She is currently on medication for her chest after she was left weak and with a bloated stomach from inhaling so much of the chemical.

The other pup, Maggie, is recovering well after her eye operation which was paid for by donations. Currently, £2,433 has been paid in operations and consultations but there is no way of knowing what treatment the pups will need in the future.

Although the puppies have lost most of their fur and shed a layer of skin, they are being kept warm in a centrally heated room and their own sweaters for when they are ready to go outdoors to play.

Matilda and Maggie © Freshfields Animal Rescue

Marg Albert, from the Ince Blundell Centre, told JMU Journalism: “We can’t believe the generosity of the general public in coming forward and helping these puppies. There’s been a fantastic response which is overwhelming considering the state of the economy and it’s just before Christmas as well.

“Obviously with their eyes they are going to need ongoing veterinary visits and treatment and medication. Some money is going to be put aside for their future health and wellbeing.

“We’re hoping that they will both go to loving homes and we’ve had a few calls from the general public wanting to give them homes but obviously we want to get them on the road to recovery and good health before and we want to see what is going to be needed for the other puppy.

“We’ve put the little sweaters on to make sure they don’t catch a chill.”

The Freshfields animal rescue centre would like to thank all members of the public for their support and donations. You can follow their progress at www.freshfieldsrescue.org.uk

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