Youths stage protest for climate justice

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Protesters at Youth Strike 4 Climate. Pic © JMU Journalism

More than 200 protesters marched through Liverpool city centre demanding government action over the climate emergency.

The demonstration was organised by Youth Strike 4 Climate who hosted the event all over the UK in order to highlight environment issues and to include young people in decision-making related to global warming.

Held at Liverpool’s Wellington Memorial, the protest included speakers from Extinction Rebellion, Liverpool UCU and representatives from the UK Student Climate Network and UK Youth Climate Coalition, the organisation behind Youth Strike 4 Climate.

Liverpool UCU speaker, Laura Gibbons, told the crowd in her speech: “I am striking for an education to teach young people about the climate crisis and for the government to recognise young people’s priorities by including youth views into policy-making by bringing the voting age down to 16.”

YouTube: Christopher Megrath

Among the protesters were several students who skipped school to join the crowd, including 17-year-old Amy Ross, who believed her attendance at events like these is vital.

She told JMU Journalism: “There’s no point in saying you care about the environment but not actually going to stuff like this. You can say you care but unless you’re actually going to protests then you don’t really. Sitting at home and writing thoughts and prayers on Twitter won’t change anything unless you go out there and do it yourself.”

The Sutton Academy student went on to explain why she was dressed in her school uniform, despite taking the day off. She said: “Well it’s a strike too so I took the day off obviously, but I wanted everyone to know that.

“I didn’t have the day off, I made a point to refuse going and it kind of shows in a small way I’m serious about this. If I wasn’t I’d be in class now. Greta Thunberg didn’t do what she did by going to school.”

The protest was accompanied by chanting, drums and pickets as it marched its way to Derby Square.

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