World’s priciest wedding cake in city

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The £32m cake is covered in over 2000 diamonds ©CAKE Chester

The £32m cake is covered in over 2000 diamonds
© Cake Chester

The world’s most expensive wedding cake – worth a staggering £32.4m – went on display at Liverpool jewellers Russell and Case this weekend.

Made especially for the National Gay Wedding Show the over the top six-tier diamond-studded dessert, made by Cake Chester, has beaten the previous world record of most expensive cake which cost a mere £12.5m in comparison.

Working alongside Russell and Case, and the National Gay Wedding show, Cake Chester were told only a week ago that they would be given the tools and supplies to make the extravagant piece.

Julie Smith, owner of Cake Chester told JMU Journalism: “We wanted to make something really different for the show. We wanted it to be the biggest or tallest and were only told on Tuesday exactly what we would be making.”

Once Julie was given the go-ahead she, her baker husband Tim and another employee started to create the cake – taking 35 hours to complete.

Julie added: “We are only a small bakery boutique and the reception we have had is better than we expected. It has really put us on the map”.

The National Gay wedding show will take place on March 3 at the Echo Arena and is an opportunity for local businesses to exhibit their services, to give couples ideas of designs and themes they would like on their big day and to support same sex marriage,

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