World Museum hosts Japanese culture event

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The Taiko Tengu Drummers performing in the Treasure House Theatre. Pic © JMU Journalism

The World Museum was host to an oriental wonder at the weekend as Japan Society North West brought music and art together to create a cultural experience for families.

Running alongside Taki Katei’s Drawing on Nature exhibition, the Discover Japan event was brought to the museum to celebrate the Japan-UK Season of Culture.

This began in September 2019 and is due to run until the end of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled for later this year.

The Embassy of Japan in the UK hopes that this will build on people’s already keen interest in Japanese culture.

Joan Horley, secretary of the Japan Society North West, told JMU Journalism: “For some years now we’ve been doing children’s day at the museum. We do lots of crafts and things for them and try to introduce people to lots of things from Japan.

“Normally it’s quite a small event, but we’ve increased and got the Taiko drummers, a dancer and talks on, as well as various other things.”

YouTube: Danielle Wilson

The Tengu Taiko drummers from York put on numerous shows throughout the afternoon, playing traditional Japanese rhythms, giving the full Treasure House Theatre a musical treat.

Ms Horley explained: “We had to cancel the craft things because of the coronavirus, because of people sharing various items.”

Although the crafts element was compromised by the lingering virus threat, the event brought in hundreds of families eager to learn about oriental culture, with children being able to try on traditional clothing and take part in making 3D calligraphy.

Ms Horley added: “The society tries to do one event a month. Often it’s in Warrington because it’s fairly central and the next one is in April.

“In July we’ve got our big Japan day which will be in the Guild of Students. There will be all sorts of things going on, martial arts, music, Japanese food. We usually get up to 2,000 people coming to each event.”

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