Woodside Terminal to gain new food market

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An artist’s impression of how the terminal good once finished. Pic © Wirral Council

Woodside Ferry Terminal in Birkenhead is to be revitalised with a brand new market and food hall, which will hopefully attract more people into the area.

Since being approved, the designs for the project were published online, showing an artist’s impression of how the terminal could look, following the development.

Those who are familiar with the Baltic Market as well as the Altrincham Market in Trafford may notice how the designs have taken inspiration from them, with Lisbon and Barcelona also having influenced the project.

As part of the plans, up to seven food vendors as well as a bar will feature inside the terminal, while pop-up shops and other businesses will also be included both from within and outside.

YouTube: Harry Leahey

Sharon Stanton, interim managing director at the Wirral Chamber of Commerce, told JMU Journalism why the plan was introduced, as well as how it will benefit Woodside and the wider area.

She said: “We feel this project in particular will be job creation, it will create a destination for people to come to Woodside.

“It came about because we were looking at Woodside and we looked at a lot of other food villages and things, and are initial starting point was to look at maybe just a container village down here.

“But then when the building came up, we successfully got that, which then changed our plans slightly, were we now plan on having seven concessions inside, selling a range of foods with a full bar.

“It’s a starting point to create a destination first and foremost, and then hopefully look at when its successful, moving on into town, and looking at Hamilton Square, Market Street and that sort of area.”

Because of the grade two listed status of the terminal, the plan does not aim to completely regenerate the building, but to instead work with what it already has, while adding to it.

It is hoped that when the plan is complete, which will be towards the end of May, Woodside will become an attractive destination for all families as well as age groups.

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