‘Women in Business’ group launched

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©Women in Business

© Women in Business

An organisation which helps women with their business ideas has been launched in the Merseyside region.

Sefton and Liverpool Women in Business (SLWIB) have impressed the city’s Lord Mayor this week, following a meeting where the organisation’s future plans were discussed.

The organisation helps women with business ventures, allowing them to expand their abilities and offering opportunities to pursue them further.

It has recently been educating girls and young women about domestic violence, ensuring their safety through funding from Merseyside Police.

Company owner, Stephanie Wright, told JMU Journalism: “My experiences led me to choose domestic violence and self-employment as the first two topics, but who knows where SLWIB might go in the future.”

“The next thing to bear in mind is that all the women in the group are proactive about educating the next generation so they don’t face the same issues in their future, hence the ‘When I Grow up I Want to Be’ courses which I am currently delivering in secondary schools.”

The city’s Lord Mayor Gary Millar has attended events with SLWIB and tweeted them yesterday saying: “Having a fab meeting with Sefton & Liverpool Women in Business – offering encouragement, support & education to all women @SeftonWomen”.

Wright added: “The Mayor was kind enough to speak at the event and it was then that I really began to appreciate what a kind and sincere man he is.  He is a huge advocate for women’s issues.”

The meeting included Wright recounting her personal experiences with domestic violence and helping close family and friends find employment.

“I explained about the courses I deliver and generally asked him for his help and advice in making the right choices and speaking to the right people to ensure I can help the maximum number of women and young girls,” she said.

“I find it a really positive thing that young women want to learn more about what constitutes domestic violence, to avoid such relationships and to learn about warning signs in a partner’s behaviour.”

Stephanie Wright at SLWIB

Stephanie Wright at SLWIB

These courses are being delivered in schools around Bootle, Litherland and Crosby, with the help of funding from ex-Liverpool star Jamie Carragher’s 23 Foundation.

The foundation’s chief executive, Cathy Elliott, said: “We’re delighted to extend our support of young people in Sefton to career development as part of our aim to enable young people to realise their dreams. We wish SLWIB every success in their work.”

Wright added:  “To know I have the opportunity to help women be safer, be happier in their working lives and to feel better about themselves makes me feel like all the hell I went through when I was married was for a purpose.”


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