Wirral Toy Library saved from closure

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Wirral Toy Library Staff © Wirral Resource Centre and Toy Library - Facebook

Wirral Toy Library Staff © Wirral Resource Centre and Toy Library – Facebook

Wirral Toy Library has been saved from closure by the family support organisation Home Start Wirral.

After 45 years of charitable services, which included offering occupational, physio and speech therapy for children with additional needs, the library was on the verge of shutting down. It is also known for a service in which it lends out educational and therapeutic toys for children to use at home.

They had appealed for financial aid from other local charities only weeks ago, considering several different ways in which they could continue to offer their services.

After government cuts to the Early Intervention Grant, which exists to help children with physical and mental needs, it seemed unlikely that the library would be able to survive.

Ultimately though, the Wirral branch of the national charity Home Start stepped in and offered the library salvation. The charity, which focusses on helping parents with young children, announced that they had taken over the library and its offered services at their AGM.

Roy Ellis, Chairman of the Toy Library, told JMU Journalism: “The staff are absolutely delighted that the library is staying open; obviously there was some concern about the possibility of people losing jobs. From the perspective of the parents who use our facilities, they were delighted as well, especially given that it was a last minute takeover.

“We’ve transferred our undertakings to Home Start – Wirral, who have a broader but similar objective to us. Right now we have a slightly reduced level of services with a view to secure more sustainable funding and build back up our services in the future.”

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