West Kirby named ‘happiest place to live’

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The West Kirby social club. Pic © JMU Journalism

West Kirby has been labelled as the “happiest place to live in Merseyside” where “everybody knows everybody”.

The Co-op has conducted a nationwide survey, in which a range of factors were taken into account to determine which area can claim to have the happiest residents, and West Kirby was given the highest overall score locally.

This decision comes following complaints last year about troublesome youths in and around the are, alongside a call for an increase in police presence and extra lighting to be implemented.

Councillors have previously written to the police alleging youths were “drinking, urinating, fornicating, damaging property and carrying offensive weapons”.

There are plenty of education options nearby, with two grammar schools, one public high school and five primaries. Lots of young people live in West Kirby, yet it is commonly advertised as an ideal retirement location.

The natural beauty of the area, coupled with its beachside location, means it has great appeal during the summer, but we asked the young people in West Kirby whether they agreed with the verdict that it is the “happiest place to live”.

Twitter: Ethan Jukes-Mcnee

Benjamin Faulkner, a 22-year-old resident ,said: “I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the happiest place. There is not much of a community and everyone keeps themselves to themselves. However, in the summer months it is great, good vibes and busy. It seems more like a seasonal place.”

David Ashton, a 23 year old University student, said: “I wouldn’t prefer to live here over somewhere like Bidston, personally it feels too populated. It definitely hosts an older age group, however the focus isn’t specifically tailored to them.

“The concourse is an example of how it can be tailored to the youth. Having some prestigious schools helps the outlook of the town, but it doesn’t necessarily make it happier.”

Bethany Wakefield, a resident who attended a local high school, said: “I’ve lived in West Kirby most of my life and I love it. It is a great place to bring up a family with good schools, near a nice beach and with connections to Liverpool.

“I think there is enough to do for young children with the swimming pools and library, but not for the teenagers.”

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