Vegans feast their eyes at food festival

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Baltic Market stalls with vegan food. Pic © David Williams

The successful Vegan Extravaganza Festival made a return at Liverpool’s Baltic Market this weekend.

Some of Liverpool’s most notable independent traders could be found at the large market on Sunday selling only vegan products all day.

The event consisted of a large variety of stalls with a wide range of products, from food including donuts, ice cream and ‘burgers’, to vegan clothing items, skincare and alcohol. A live singer also performed on the day close by to the bar and seating area.

David Williams, co-founder of the Baltic Market, told JMU Journalism: “Even though the Baltic Market is something for everyone, we do like to have special days for smaller sections of society.

I think we all know by now, with the climate crisis and animal cruelty evidence, we could all try our best to have some vegan meals throughout the week.”

Located just outside of the Baltic Triangle, at Cains Brewery in the L8 region, the market generally receives a large response of visitors daily and this is the fourth time the festival has taken place at the venue.

YouTube: Jessica Rigg

David added: “At the heart of everything we do at the market is supporting local businesses. From the market stalls, to the drinks and street food specials to the singers on stage, this is a way we can support great local people.

“If you’re a vegan, this event should be your absolute heaven but we want this not to be just for vegans but for everyone.

“With the market we have every age, every ethnicity, couples, families and also lots of four-legged friends which visit us. It’s also a great chance for meat eaters or veggies to give being vegan a go for the day.”

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