Vauxhall Motors in financial crisis

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Rivacre Park: The home of Vauxhall Motors

Rivacre Park: the home of Vauxhall Motors

Vauxhall Motors FC have tendered their resignation to the Football Conference which will take effect from the end of the current playing season, after a long-standing financial battle to stay afloat in non-league football.

The Ellesmere Port side, like many other football clubs, are confronted with the reality of low gates and ever-increasing costs which has seen Vauxhall Motors reach an unsustainable position.

They currently sit in 15th place in the Conference North and are set to reform again in the West Cheshire League next season in a drastic attempt to try to balance the books.

Vauxhall manager Carl Macauley is a former player at the club who has worked wonders for the Motormen since taking over in 2006, and he has gained a reputation as one of the leading non-league managers.

Macauley said that non-league and lower league football needs additional support and funding in order to stop such incidents happening again.

He told JMU Journalism: “Much more needs to be done and we are one of a number of clubs who have had to take drastic measures. Portsmouth FC and Chester are two examples of clubs who have suffered, and all clubs need much more help. I am pretty sure we won’t be the last club to suffer.”

Macauley added: “It was a very tough decision for the club to take but it is the best way forward in order to stay alive. Everyone connected with the club is very disappointed.”

Players and staff have been told they can look for new clubs but Macauley said: “I am focused on my job here and making the club finish on a high come the end of the season. We want to play for pride and remain as professional as we can.”

In a statement on the club website, chairman Alan Bartlam said: “It is anticipated this season will result in another sizeable financial loss eating into a legacy of finances that we were fortunate to inherit over a decade ago. And to do nothing would be foolhardy.”

He added: “We have enjoyed 19 fabulous seasons in that pyramid but now we must restructure, stabilise and rebuild again.”

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