Turkish delight as baths make comeback

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People enjoying a traditional Turkish Bath. Pic © Adam and Eve Turkish Bath

Enjoy a traditional Turkish Bath
Pic © Adam and Eve Turkish Bath

A new Turkish baths has opened in Liverpool, which is believed to be the first one in the city for around 100 years.

Carol Durmus, who set up Adam and Eve Turkish bath business with her husband, Adem, told JMU Journalism: “We both decided to open a new Turkish bath because my husband is Turkish and this is a tradition where he’s from. He was very surprised we didn’t have one here in Liverpool.

“We both saw it as a great business opportunity for us and the city. There is a really good niche in the market at the moment as there is currently nothing like this in the city.”

It has been over a century since the last reported Turkish bath was situated in the city. In 1876, Robert Parry opened his first business, which was followed by at least two additional Turkish baths before he passed away in 1918.

Located on Smithdown Road, Adam and Eve offers the traditional Turkish bath method, which is similar to that of a sauna. Customers start off in the warm room which is heated by a continuous flow of hot dry air. This allows the bather to comfortably perspire freely for approximately 15 minutes before further immersions in hotter temperatures and exfoliation scrubs.

Carol added: “Customers can expect a very relaxing service at our Turkish bath, as well as enjoyable. We encourage people to come along and try out the baths as it is a new experience and something what most people in England have never really experienced before. It’s also great for detoxing.”


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