Trek across Jordan for bereaved families

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Jasmine Lapsley. Pic © Rob Lapsley

A six-day trek across Jordan to support bereaved families is the goal for a Merseyside woman on a mission.

Vickie Glover, 31, from Whiston in Knowsley, is trekking from the Dead Sea to Petra to raise awareness of newly registered charity ‘Love, Jasmine’.

The charity, which was set-up in honour of six-year-old Anfield girl, Jasmine Lapsley, who choked to death while on holiday, aims to support families following the loss of a child.

Vickie told JMU Journalism: “I did not know Jasmine personally but she attended the same primary school as my nieces and her story really hit a nerve.

“I have been following the charity since it was established and I am astounded by the work that Jasmine’s parents do. It is truly amazing how they help other families whilst grieving themselves.”

Trekking across 70 kilometres of the Judaean Desert, Vickie is aiming to raise a minimum of £1,000 and inspire others to challenge themselves for charity.

She added: “The trek will consist of uneven surfaces, steep hills and difficult terrain, combined with the heat of the desert.

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“This will be the first time that I have travelled alone, so for me it will be a personal achievement in that sense. But, the most important thing will be raising awareness of Love Jasmine.”

Love, Jasmine was registered as a charity in September 2016, and offers complimentary therapies, support groups, and advice and guidance to those suffering a loss.

A newly formed charity which aims to support families following the loss of a child. © Love, Jasmine

Jasmine’ father, Rob Lepsley, told JMU Journalism: “We realised that there was a lack of support out there for families and that was one of the things that inspired us to do something about it.

“We also wanted to do something in our daughter’s name. We wanted her name to live on and that is why her name is the charity. It is also why it is Love, Jasmine because it is from her.

“In terms of Vickie, it is quite an amazing thing that she is doing. I am not sure that I could trek through a desert for a few days, but it is an amazing thing and we were quite taken back when we heard about it.

“We will support her in whatever way we can to try and raise the money she wants. The fact she is self-funding it, is in itself a wonderful thing. That is a big cost for her, to raise money on our behalf, and we are really grateful for it.”


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