Tree-mendous way to celebrate landmark year

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Friends of Storeton Woods. Pic © Friends of Storeton Woods

More than 300 trees were planted to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Friends of Storeton Woods.

The planting event was attended by dozens of people on Sunday afternoon as they helped plant 100 hawthorn and hazel trees to make a new hedge along the western boundary of the woods among many other trees.

Friends of Storeton Woods shares ownership and management of the woods with The Woodland Trust, who are the UK’s biggest conservation society.

Storeton Woods is a very popular location for dog walkers, horse riders and those who just want to go out for a casual stroll on the Wirral.

Volunteers who showed up were also assisted by The Earth Skills Project, who do contract work for The Woodland Trust, such as tree management work, repairing footpaths and fences.

The Earth Skills Project operates in North Wales, Cheshire and the Wirral.

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Tony Hickinbottom, of The Earth Skills Project, told JMU Journalism: “Our remit is to engage people into the outdoors. We do that through education by going into schools, we do craft fairs and teach people original crafts which are being lost in the annuls of time and we build outdoor areas where people can be educated in the benefits of being outdoors and appreciate nature.

“We go into schools and build a growing area so kids can grow food and put in a dipping pond so the kids can enjoy the exploration of that.”

Mr Hickinbottom was at Storeton Woods on Sunday and stayed after everyone else had gone to help late-comers plant some trees themselves.

He said: “The beauty of holding a public event like this is that it engages people going into the woodlands, and it opens up other avenues in a way to get outside in the fresh air.

“What is important is the amenity values of trees so people can go out and enjoy their health and wellbeing of being in woodlands and enjoy the benefits of that.”

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