Town stands together against knife crime

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People preparing to release their balloons, at Tesco Prescot. Pic © Tay Lawrence-Large

The residents of Prescot are standing up and showing solidarity in the wake of recent tragic events.

Just last week, another life was taken by knife crime in the area when 29-year-old Adam Ellison died after being stabbed in the neck.

This follows the death of Thomas Grace, 54, who lost his battle to survive following a stabbing wound in October while he was out in the town centre.

A ceremonial release of red and white balloons filled the skies above Prescot on Sunday, as friends and family gathered to pay tribute to Adam at Tesco’s, where he worked.

Rather than spend their lives living in fear, locals are fighting back and making a stand against anti-social behaviour.

A ‘town committee’ has been created, after residents took their ideas for fundraisers and other events to the ‘Prescot Chat’ group on Facebook. They aim to raise funds for the victims and families of knife crimes, while creating events in an organised manner.

YouTube: Gem Jones

The committee hopes to become a registered charity in the future, working alongside police, youths and organisations to increase awareness of the shattering effects of violence.

Rebecca O’Connor, who has joined the panel, told JMU Journalism: “For me, the committee provides hope that we can make some positive changes – it gives people a focus for their energy in such a sad time.

“It also shows that the people of Prescot and surrounding areas really come together to help when people are in need. It’s inspiring to see.”

Red and white fills the sky as balloons are released. Pic © Tay Lawrence-Large

Carl Bradbury, a friend of Adam, told JMU Journalism: “I was born and bred here. I want my town back and I want my friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to walk the streets without fear.”

The next event is due to be held in Prescot town centre on November 26th, under the banner ‘Standing Together Against Violence and Knife Crime’.

Several people will be making speeches at the vigil, and candles will be provided for those who are attending. Collection boxes will also be around for anyone wanting to donate and proceeds will go to the families of the deceased.

The committee is still currently working on other future activities, such as bag packs, charity boxing matches and a fancy dress danceathon, but organisers are looking for venues to help host these events.

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