Top of the tower tours at Liver Building

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RLB360 tickets on sale. Pic © Chris Devaney and Alexandra Bower

Tickets for the first ever tours to the top of the iconic Royal Liver Building are now available.

Royal Liver Building 360 gives the public access to the 10th floor balcony, which is the highest point to see the exterior of the famous clock towers, where visitors will also get their first glimpse of the waterfront and beyond from the Grade-1 listed building.

This is followed by a 135-step climb to the 14th floor to see an immersive, audio-visual film experience projected onto the walls before the tour’s finale on the 15th floor, unlocking panoramic views of the city.

Chris Devaney, Operations Manager for RLB360, told JMU Journalism: “The building has been sat there for over 100 years and for far too long people have been told they can’t go in and they can’t have a look around. All people want to do is see this building which has been an icon for the city for as long as it’s been built.

“Each tour will take around 70 minutes and we’ve limited groups to 14 people per time slot to ensure everyone gets a great view and the chance to capture images to last a lifetime.”

A new gift shop and visitor centre will open up on the ground floor, containing an array of artefacts for visitors to better understand the history of the building.

YouTube: Rohin Jalota

Bookings are currently available from May 2019, however Mr Devaney told JMU Journalism he expects tours to start up to a month earlier.

Tickets have only been available for a few days however have already proved immensely popular.

Mr Devaney said: “We’ve got people booking from as far away as Australia and Canada to come and visit us. We look forward to delivering a true ‘bucket list’ experience, both for people who live on Merseyside and visitors to the city.”

Tickets for Royal Liver Building 360 are on sale now, available from the website.

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