Thousands to help Will go back to school

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A hopeful Will © Nicola Hughes

A hopeful Will © Nicola Hughes

More than £60,000 has been raised for a Wirral teenager with a brain tumour to have the vital treatment he needs to enable him to go back to school.

Will Allen, from Prenton, was diagnosed with the rare condition over 12 months ago and although some radiotherapy successfully shrank the tumour, it has now grown back again and he cannot attend classes.

The St Anselm’s student is now receiving his second lot of radiotherapy at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and is hoping to receive further treatment from a Bristol neurosurgeon in the New Year.

However, the pioneering techniques being used are not yet available on the NHS and it is estimated to cost £80,000.

In a bid to reach the amount, Will’s aunt has launched an online fundraising page where donations flood in every day.

Nicola Hughes, from Wallasey, told JMU Journalism: “The support has been unbelievable. There are very generous people out there who just want to help in any way they can.

“The donations have been incredible and knowing we are not a million miles away from the target eases the financial pressure. It all helps us get through a difficult time.”

Will with his brothers Thomas left and James middle © Nicola Hughes

Will with his brothers Thomas left and James middle © Nicola Hughes

Nicola is also a production manager at Lime Pictures, makers of popular show Hollyoaks. She got the cast and crew together from the soap to support Will by hosting a charity baking sale.
Stars including Anna Passey and Jessica Fox took to Twitter to show their baked treats and support for the 14-year-old’s appeal.

Doctors discovered the tumour growing in Will’s brain after he began to experience double vision and headaches. The type of condition he has is so rare it affects only 30-40 children per year in the UK.

His family believes this new treatment will save his life and get him back to school.

Nicola added: “All donations are massively important to us. It means that Will can receive the treatment he needs which could be life-changing for him and we desperately want him to have that chance.

“Will also enjoys watching the donations coming in and reading all the lovely messages from people. It’s very comforting for Will and our family.”

A number of fundraising events will take place over the next coming weeks including a race night and a sponsored head shave for Will at Heswall Tennis Club starting on December 10th.

Donations can be made at

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