The most eco-friendly place to live in Liverpool?

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The eco-friendly development could pave the way for similar projects

A major new £40m building development is underway in Liverpool, with hopes of becoming the most eco-friendly place to live in the city.

Building work for ‘ELEMENT – The Quarter’ is taking place along Low Hill, near the Royal University Hospital. The firm behind the project, RW Invest, have promised to plant 100 trees for each of the 450 energy-efficient apartments that are sold.

Working alongside non-profit environmental group One Tree Planted, their aim is to plant a total of 45,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest, in the fight against deforestation and climate change.

Julian Ramsden, Director of RW Invest, said: “There’s never been a bigger need for eco-conscious properties. It’s no secret that humans need to do more to help heal our planet, and properties like this will go a long way in doing that.

“You only have to check the news to realise the importance of society becoming more sustainable. This was an important step in our thinking. Sustainability is key for us, which is why we’re using some fantastic technology to help us achieve these goals.”

Previous plans for developments on the site collapsed in February of last year, after the managing firm went into administration. Instead of continuing the project as it was, however, the new company chose to shift the focus onto environmentally-friendly living.

The new apartments, which will vary in size, will foster ‘low-carbon smart technologies’, including brand new solar panels, energy-saving LED lighting, a rainwater recycling system, and many other innovative designs.

The building will also have a system to detect empty rooms, and switch off or adjust energy consumption accordingly to prevent waste. The company believes this will promote sustainability and keep running costs low.

The developments, located on Low Hill, will feature 450 brand new apartments. ⒸRWInvest

The ambitious project is set to become the city’s first major eco-friendly residential development, in a move towards making environmentally sustainable living more commonplace in a modern-day Liverpool. The developers aim to complete the project in full by the summer of 2023, and “provide quality new homes and regenerate a key area on one of the key gateways into the city.”

Depending upon the success of the project, the company may look to branch out further with similar plans across the country.

Mr Ramsden added: “While this is the first eco-development of its kind in the North West, we hope to bring more properties like this to the market in the future, working closely with the developer, Nexus Residential who pioneered the concept.

“We want the ELEMENT brand to be a beacon of hope for the future of sustainability.”

Watch this bird’s eye view of the development being built>>>

Footage of the eco-developments at their current stage. ⒸRWInvest

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