Game puts tech firm into new dimension

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Liverpool's Draw and Code team hard at work. Pic by Aaliyah Rugg © JMU Journalism

Liverpool’s Draw and Code team hard at work. Pic by Aaliyah Rugg © JMU Journalism

A group of Liverpool tech wizards has created a new game that promises to take players into a whole different dimension.

Video gaming has been a form of entertainment for many decades and, as the years go by, technology develops in ways that were not thought possible.

Augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular for people around the world, from the Snapchat filters to PokemonGo. A group based on Hardman Street hopes to blur the lines between what is real and what is computer-generated by creating a new game called ‘SwapBots’.

SwapBots are collectable toys that are brought to life by a smartphone or tablet.

Marketing director for Draw and Code, Phil Charnock, told JMU Journalism: “In 2016 augmented reality is the white hot technology, I think far more so than virtual reality.”

The key difference between virtual reality and augmented is that instead of acting within the animated world, a character is actually brought to life.

The toys come in three parts that can be swapped with other pieces. The camera picks up the figure and turns it into a virtual creature which you can use to fight others and the game is hoped to be available by July next year.

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The Draw and Code team recently received a UK Games fund award, a government scheme awarding games money to spend on development. The game-makers also recently won the regional final for the Tech North Northern Stars award, which was held in the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. They have now progressed to the grand final which will be held in the near future.


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