Teacher’s footy show goes global

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Watts House, Kingsmead School, Hoylake © Wikipedia

Watts House, Kingsmead School, Hoylake © Wikipedia

A Wirral teacher is set to have his own television documentary aired across the globe.

The documentary, ‘Thank God for Football’, will be televised worldwide in six instalments across Asia and North America, including China, Japan and Vietnam and USA.

Peter Lupson, an English teacher at Kingsmead School in Hoylake wrote and presented the three-hour programme, which is based on his book of the same name, about the church origins of famous football clubs such as Everton and Liverpool.

Andrew Potter, a former pupil at Kingsmead School between 2004 and 2011, told JMU Journalism:  “Mr Lupson taught me for English when I was at the school, he was a decent teacher who knew his stuff.”

“He was always keen to talk about football – less so current matches but loved the history of it all, he used to go on about Brazil vs Italy in 1970 World Cup and how amazing that Brazilian side was.”

“He even ran an after-school club one evening a week to discuss the history of football. I went to it a couple of times and it was really good. He would tell some of the stories that are in his book. I particularly remember him talking about the founding of Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham.”

Potter added that while the concept is interesting he’s not sure if he will watch the programme.

“I’ll try to [watch his documentary]. I’ve only ever read brief sections of his book to be honest. It was pretty heavy reading but the research he’d done was impressive and I think the premise is quite interesting so the documentary could be right up my street!”

The first episode of the programme will be aired on Saturday, 2nd November at 5pm on Sky channel 585.

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