Teach Rex supporting schools through lockdown

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Joseph (left) and Sam (right) next to their dino / Teach Rex

As lockdown continues there are unsung heroes who are making a difference to their communities.

Wirral locals Sam Bryan and Joseph Parsonage come into that category with their Teach Rex initiative that visits schools to deliver engaging talks to children.

Mr Bryan, 28, said the original vision was to help children with their creative writing through the use of huge props that include three T-Rex’s, three velociraptors, seven baby dinosaurs, two dragons and the newest addition , Thomas the Gorilla.

He said: “We go into schools and use the props as a hook to learning, predominantly in creative writing but it is all linked across the curriculum.”

Set up in 2018, Teach Rex went full time last September, trading their jobs as primary school teachers to concentrate fully on the business. Since lockdown struck, they have joined forces with with Egremont Primary School in Wallasey to bring some much needed cheer to people on their doorsteps.

The innovative duo spoke of their admiration for schools and teachers who have been working on the frontline through the Covid-19 pandemic. They are now offering Teach Rex’s services to support any sschools across Merseyside who need it with things such as delivering food parcels as well as providing some excitement to young children and families in need of help.

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