Taxi scheme to help students get home

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'Safe Taxi Scheme' set up by LiverpoolSU and Alpha Taxis. Pic © Liverpool Students Union

‘Safe Taxi Scheme’ set up by LiverpoolSU and Alpha Taxis. Pic © Liverpool Students Union

A ‘Safe Taxi’ scheme has been launched by Liverpool Students Union in conjunction with Alpha Taxis.

The scheme will allow students to use their student ID to substitute a fare by handing it in and later collecting it from Liverpool Students Union and pay for the ride.

James Bradley, Managing Director at Alpha Taxis, said: “We are delighted to partner with Liverpool SU on the Safe Taxi scheme. Customer safety is a number one priority for Alpha, so being a part of this scheme is a natural progression for us.”

In 2013, Liverpool was awarded a Purple Flag Beacon status, recognising it as one of the safest cities in the UK. First year student Rhys Oakes, 18, from Wolverhampton told JMU Journalism: “As somebody new to Liverpool, it’s good to know I can get home safely if I ever found myself stuck.

“The scheme is a great idea for students in an emergency who know there is a safe way home without putting themselves at risk.”

Dan Cole, Vice President Community Engagement at Liverpool SU said: “Liverpool is a vibrant city and all students should feel at home and safe whilst studying here.

“Liverpool SU is continually looking to enhance student safety by working with key partners within Liverpool and developing exciting initiatives such as the safe taxi scheme.”

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