Tall ship mast climb for Children in Need

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The 10-metre mast climbers will have to ascend. Pic © Benjamin Lynch JMU Journalism

The Tall Ship Zebu, moored at Canning Dock, is being used to take part in efforts to raise money for Children in Need.

Staff of the ship are offering members of the public over the age of 14 the chance to climb the ship’s foremast on November 16th, the same day as the BBC’s televised show.

Zebu’s owner and Captain, Gerrith Borrett, told JMU Journalism he hopes the fundraising will help Liverpool.

He said: “We thought this year we needed to do something that will give back to the community of Liverpool. As this came along we thought it’d be a great idea.”

Younger members will also be able to enjoy activities on the 81-year-old vessel, including the opportunity to meet and talk to crew, as well as learning to tie knots.

Mr Borrett said: “Every day we are open to the public and for young people to come on board and experience being on a tall ship. We have knots to tie and you can practise your skills, but there are other interesting things to do.”

YouTube: Benjamin Lynch

The Zebu team is hoping to raise £500 for the BBC charity by allowing people to climb the mast under supervision for a fee.

Adults will be charged £10, while students and under 25s will have to pay £5.

Climbers who reached a point high enough will receive a certificate and they will be cheered by a Pudsey Bear sitting on the mast.

The Zebu resting in her Canning Dock home. Pic © Benjamin Lynch JMU Journalism

Zebu came to Liverpool in the late 1980s and became known as the ‘flagship of Liverpool’. In September 2015, she sank at her Canning Dock moorings.

The Community Interest Company took over the ship in 2017 and has since been attempting to restore the vessel, which has attracted over 30,000 visitors since.

Zebu was awarded a National Lottery grant of £99,800 in June of this year.

For those wanting to take part and climb the mast, they can contact the Zebu staff via the ship’s website.

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