Surgical robot saves lives at hospital

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The new da Vinci robot

The new da Vinci robot

Arrowe Park Hospital has welcomed a new surgical robot to improve operations for patients.

The £1.6 million ‘da Vinci Si’ robot is the first of its kind in the Wirral and its millimetre-accuracy enables surgeons to work with more precision.

Offering the latest in pioneering keyhole surgery technology, the machine benefits the patient by reducing blood loss, causes less pain and fewer days spent recovering in hospital, with the majority of people being able to return home the very next day.

The new machine, which was funded by the Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group, has revolutionised the treatment of prostate cancer because of its ability to make microscopic incisions.

It will be used to treat issues such as bowel cancer and hysterectomies. Arrowe Park Hospital is a regional urology cancer centre and sees patients from not only the Wirral, but Chester, Warrington and the Isle of Man.

Evan Moore, Medical Director of Wirral University Teaching Hospital, said: “Our Trust aspires to provide the very best health service to the people of Wirral and beyond and the provision of leading edge technology is critical in this regard. We are delighted that the most advanced surgery can now be provided locally.”

Simon Boulton, 59, from Bebington became the first patient to undergo treatment from the advanced machine. Mr Boulton said: “I can honestly say the whole experience couldn’t have been smoother. My wife dropped me off at the hospital in the morning; I had the four-hour operation and that night Mr Kumar was sat chatting away to me saying how well everything went. In fact my recovery has been excellent.

“I expected to feel really sore as this was a long and delicate operation, but all I’ve felt is slight discomfort. I just can’t believe all of this has taken place just a few miles away from my home.”

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