Students warned over fake letting agency

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Door Safety ©  JMU Journalism

Door Safety © JMU Journalism

Liverpool students have been warned about imposters coming to their doors after two members of the public approached a student house claiming they were from a letting agency.

Two men approached a student house last week claiming they were two property experts and were there to investigate the boiler in their house.

Liverpool Students Union is now warning students about imposters coming to their doors.  LSU said that the students involved in the incident were immediately suspicious and called the boiler repair line. However no one from the company had been sent to the property.

Merseyside police are also urging students to be aware as this incident may happen again.

A Merseyside police spokesperson told JMU Journalism:  “Do not open your door if you are unsure who the caller is and always make sure you know who visitors are by asking to see their identification.”

“Bogus callers often pretend to be someone official, for example, from a utility company or the water board. They will also try to distract people by asking for a drink of water or if they can use the toilet.”

The police are also advising students to keep a key chain on the door whilst talking to callers at the door. Merseyside Police told JMU Journalism that callers are also linked to distraction burglars where someone will distract you while others sneak through an insecure door.

They added: “Remember to close and lock the back door before you answer the front door. It’s a good idea to have a viewer or spy hole and a stout chain fitted to all the external doors to the property.”

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