Students warned over burglaries danger

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Front door left open. Pic by Kayleigh Watthey © JMU Journalism

Front door left open. Pic by Kayleigh Watthey © JMU Journalism

Students are being warned to protect their properties from burglaries, after figures suggest that those attending LJMU may be more at risk.

The Liverpool Students’ Union website says that statistics have shown that LJMU students have had an average of 9.82 burglaries between May 2013 and April 2014, compared to 1.24 among those studying at Liverpool Hope University.

Valuable items such as laptops, smart phones, bikes and TVs are among the items that criminals target. According to Liverpool SU, one in three burglaries is down to windows and doors being left unlocked or open.

Dan Cole, Vice President Community Engagement for Liverpool SU, told JMU Journalism he feels that as there are a greater number of LJMU students who live in areas such as Smithdown and Kensington than those who attend Hope’s Childwall campus, unfortunately there is more chance that any burglaries that occur in these areas are going to affect this uni.

Liverpool SU wants students to take responsibility for their own belongings and make sure that they are secure in a locked room before leaving the house. They also urge students to keep valuables away from windows and make it key to remind each other to secure the property before leaving it.

Cole added: “We’re proud Liverpool is one of the safest cities in the UK and has been awarded purple flag status to reflect this. Unfortunately though, as with anywhere across the UK, crime can happen.

“I think, as students, it’s important to take care of your belongings, and always be wary especially when out and about that you aren’t unnecessarily taking risks.

“If you have an alarm, ensure you activate this when you are locking up to leave. Don’t make yourself an easy target for thieves.”

The Students’ Union tells students to contact their landlord about any problems with door and window locks, burglar alarms or any other safety feature if it is broken, as it is their responsibility to ensure that the accommodation is safe.

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