Students debate issues with politicians

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The Question Time panel. Pic by Hollie Bradbury © JMU Journalism

The Question Time panel. Pic by Hollie Bradbury © JMU Journalism

A ‘Question Time’-style event held at Broughton Hall in West Derby saw students of all ages and politicians join together to discuss and debate hot topics of interest.

These included how to get more young people into politics, and questions surrounding whether young people are going to be able to afford their own home in the future.

The panel, led by youth officer for West Derby, Jamie Bennett, involved President of Liverpool Students Union, Sam Davys, Mayoral Lead for Youth and Citizen Engagement, Dan Hughes, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Stephen Twigg, head girl of Broughton Hall school, Chloe Russell and Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Councillor Ann O’Byrne.

Mr Hughes told JMU Journalism: “Young people can be turned off by the political process but the turn-out here has been fantastic. I just wish we could see a bit more of that in society.”

The hour-long event explored opinions and debates on other matters, such as how cuts to services will affect vulnerable people and whether universities should be offering degrees without direct employment opportunities.

LJMU student Jamie Bennett told JMU Journalism: “What made this different from similar events is that this one focused on much bigger issues, looking at issues that already affect or will affect every young person in the country such as employability, voting and the ability to own a home. I think it worked much better because of that.”

Cllr O’Byrne told JMU Journalism: “When I saw the people in the audience I was nervous because you want to make sure that you give young people the respect professional approach that they deserve.

“The passion and drive and commitment was demonstrated here tonight, it gives you faith. Larger political meetings can really depress you but you come to an event like this and it makes you realise why you got into politics to influence young people’s lives.”

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