Student flats built on spooky site

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Development of a controversial building is reaching completion as workers put the finishing touches to a graveyard conversion.

Student accommodation has been built on the site next to William McKenzie’s tomb, on Rodney Street. Often included in in ghost tours of Liverpool, the graveyard has a rich and spooky story.

William McKenzie, who died in 1871, was believe to be a gambling man, who local legend has it lost his soul to the devil in a game of poker.

The story goes that the devil promised to only claim his prize once the man was placed into the earth after death. In a bid to fool Satan, McKenzie demanded that his body be entombed upright, to avoid his fate.

St. Andrew’s Church on the site has been restored from its derelict state and will be home to 100 students in Penlake properties across the coming year.

JMU Journalism TV spoke to developers and passers-by for their reaction.

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