Store hosts PJ days to help local children

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Ormskirk Co-op staff pose in their pyjamas. Pic © Jake O’Neill JMU Journalism

Co-op staff at a local store held pyjama days to raise money for children in need and the homeless.

Funds were raised over two days in the Ormskirk store, with the £135 they brought in being spent on PJ’s for charities to distribute. Dozens of sets of pyjamas were also given in to support the cause, as well as hats, scarves, gloves and other forms of clothing.

All of the money raised will go to Pyjama Party Liverpool, who provide brand new clothing to children who are homeless or require help.

Store manager Molly Hampson told JMU Journalism: “The whole point of us doing this is to raise money so that we can buy and give children that are homeless, sick in hospital or children in need in and around Liverpool during the festive months.

“We’ve also raised money to give selection boxes to the children as well as gloves, scarves and blankets for the homeless. Pyjamas are what we’re trying to donate as we think this will help during the cold Christmas period. We just want to keep them warm as it’s the least we can do.”

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One member of staff completed a sponsored silence and the store will also have a charity day next Saturday to give back to the community, with similar events being repeated all year round.

Miss Hampson said: “We’re going to be doing many more of these types of things next year. Not only is it good for the community and the charities, it’s actually really fun for the staff too because we have a great laugh.”

The store is now a drop-off point for clothes and they will be collecting items during the remainder of the year. Co-op stores in the North West have also raised over £40,000 in the last six weeks in aid of ‘Space 4 Autism.’

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