Stars out as Liverpool Comic Con returns

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Cosplay liverpool comic con 2020

An attendee cosplaying a monster from ‘Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’. Pic © Demi Williams JMU Journalism

Hundreds of people turned up at the Exhibition Centre for Liverpool’s annual Comic Con this weekend.

The event, which ran from March 6-8, included celebrity guests, with the likes of Lord of the Rings star, Elijah Wood, The Walking Dead’s Ryan Hurst, and David Harbour, best known for his role in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

However, other celebrity guests like Mickey Rourke, star of Iron Man 2, were expected at the event, but his appearance was cancelled last minute.

The convention included celebrity meet-and-greets, an interactive virtual reality experience, art and merchandise booths and a game centre, where attendees were able to play classic video games like Street Fighter, on retro consoles.

YouTube: Demi Williams

Many fans turned up in costumes to cosplay iconic pop culture icons, including characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Resident Evil and Stranger Things.

Celebrity guests also gave Q&A panels throughout the weekend. Mr Harbour spoke about how great it was to be in Liverpool, saying: “Apparently some people have told me that Liverpool is known for their kind people, but that is like very true.”

Harbour also spoke about his upcoming film, Black Widow, and the difference between working with Marvel and Netflix. He said: “I’m going to go see the movie next week in its full entirety. But it’s incredible [from] what I’ve seen. I am really excited about that movie and what we shot.

“I’ve done Stranger Things for 30 episodes and I’ve worked with them for five years and I know these people like they’re my family and so I love that show.”

Liverpool Comic Con 2020 made it the third annual convention in partnership with Monopoly Events, and was as successful as last year, with Saturday’s tickets selling out in early February.

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