Spooky Lanterns illuminate skyline

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The mesmerising giant dreamer looms large over big crowds © Glen OConnell/Twitter

Hundreds of revellers gathered in Sefton Park for a spooky night-time edition of the annual Halloween Lantern Carnival event.

Two separate parades marched the circumference of the park on Sunday setting the dreary night sky ablaze with a brimful of luminescent colours.

Hand-made Halloween-themed lantern sculptures, including skeletons, pumpkins, witches and ghouls were carried by participants of all ages towards the heart of the carnival in a display of creativity and community spirit that shone through the persistent rain.

A giant ‘floating dreamer’ lantern constructed by French company Delirium Lumens also ambled amongst a field of floating fire flowers, tuneful fortune tellers and whimsical dream doctors.

The first parade began at 5.30pm, with young children from all over Liverpool taking centre stage within the dreamy landscape. The second parade began shortly after at 7.30pm as the giant’s dreams were brought to life within an extraordinarily spine-chilling production.

The main show featured live music from zany Newcastle brass band, the Baghdaddies as a plethora of visual delights, live projections and interpretive dancers accompanied their jilted soundscape.

Fay Razzak, co-ordinator for STAR student action for refugees, constructed lanterns for the parade with a group of asylum seekers and refugees for the second year running. She told JMU Journalism: “The event this year was amazing; a lot of thought and effort went into it.

“Our group loved the music and the trip to the park. Some had never been to such an event before, so to some, the evening was a pleasant surprise.”

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