Speed cameras call for Mersey bridge

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Mersey Gateway Bridge. Pic © Daniel Hopkinson JMU Journalism

Calls are being made to introduce speed cameras on the controversial Mersey Gateway Bridge in a bid to prevent accidents and injuries.

Some Halton councillors have stated that speed cameras should be installed on the toll bridge to ensure drivers’ safety.

There were 197 accidents on local roads last year, including two deaths. It is said that 10% of those incidents stemmed from crashes on the bridge.

The toll bridge goes over the River Mersey going from Widnes to Runcorn and some councillors believe that on such a big bridge speed cameras are essential.

Councillor Paul Nolan told JMU Journalism: “It’s a long stretch of road, so it would be ideal for those average speed cameras, and if we get funding for it, I personally think we should do it.”

YouTube: FCCCO

Before last Wednesday night’s Environment and Urban Renewal Performance Policy Board meeting at Halton Council, a report was created stating: “The Mersey Gateway road network is undoubtedly a lot safer than the one it replaced.”

There were 31 recorded injury collisions on the old Silver Jubilee Bridge, compared to the five on the Mersey gateway network in the two years since it has been opened.

However, plans to introduce speed cameras have received a backlash from many locals, with some still furious about the introduction of tolls.

Claire Glynn, from Scrap Mersey Tolls, told JMU Journalism: “Introducing speed cameras can cause as much problems as the cashless toll systems on the bridge as it can see locals getting fined hundreds of pounds to cross the bridge.”

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