Soldiers’ tales at St George’s Hall

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St George's Hall. Pic by Vegard Grott

St George’s Hall. Pic by Vegard Grott

Liverpool St George’s Hall is hosting a series of tours this week to give the public a powerful insight into the events of World War I.

Local historian Frank Carlyle will be leading groups around the hall, telling local stories of The Great War. The tours will be delivered in an interactive, unique way, aimed to give people a life-like experience of the troubles soldiers went through between 1914 and 1918.

Along with six actors in full period costume, there are special effects, special lighting, projections and poetry. The tour will take people around the court room, catacomb and basement galleries of St George’s Hall.

This is the first event of many the hall is will host as part of a series of events to mark the centenary of the war. Over 10 million soldiers were estimated to have died over the course of WWI.

St George’s Hall manager Alan Smith told JMU Journalism: “Echoes of the First World War brings together a unique presentation of the soldier’s journey, from the patriotic fervour of enlisting, to the heart wrenching wretchedness of the reality of war. Woven in tours will be timeless and haunting war poetry and laid before you in the most dramatic settings.

“The reality of trench modern warfare meant the cost of thousands of lives on a daily basis. To politicians and generals ordinary soldiers became expendable, modern weapons used included planes, bombs, shelling, tanks, grenades and gas.”

The event runs until Sunday with tours at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm every evening. Tickets cost £15.00 and can be purchased from TicketQuarter in Queen Square.

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