Smoking one of region’s biggest killers

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New cigarette packing in Australia © Wikipedia

New cigarette packing in Australia © Wikipedia

A report  by the Department of Health shows the number of smokers in Merseyside is among the highest in the country – and their health worse than the national average.

And a third of the city’s 15 year olds are regular smokers. a survey carried out by the British Heart Foundation revealed for the 30th annual No Smoking Day.

Helen Casstles, Smoke Free Liverpool coordinator, told JMU Journalism: “Liverpool has one of the highest rates of lung cancer death and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in England. Smoking costs the NHS in the city approximately £26.9 million and kills around 1,000 people each year.

“There are also additional costs such as £3.4 million to clear up cigarette related litter, £5.1 million due to smoking related fires and an estimated cost of £24.9 million in lost productivity due to smoking related sick days.”

Meanwhile, students at Liverpool Community College volunteered to run activities in support of a national campaign by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Beverley Abbott of Liverpool Community College told JMU Journalism: “ Health and Care students have been raising awareness and money in aid of the Roy Castle Foundation. As it is no smoking day we thought it would be the ideal day to support this very worthy cause and help increase awareness of the charity and the service they provide.”

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