Smithdown Road Festival to return

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Edgar James at Kelly's at last years Smithdown Road Festival

Edgar James at Kelly’s at last year’s Smithdown Road Festival. Pic by Gary McCullagh @ Eekibo

Smithdown Road will see a number bars and cafes come together for a celebration which will help raise money for local homeless people.

The festival, which starts on April 30th and runs over the bank holiday weekend, is open for all ages to come and enjoy the free music and entertainment.

Stages have already been announced in number of bars and restaurants across Smithdown for the non-profit event, including, Kelly, Evil Eye, the Brookhouse, Franks and more.

Andy Scott, who is one of the organisers of the festival, told JMU Journalism: “This is the second year that we’ve held this festival on Smithdown Road, and it is looking considerably bigger and better than last time around.

“Initially it was an idea as a way of not only having a free party for all the locals, but also encouraging a whole load of new faces into the area too and hopefully become an annual event for years to come.”

The festival is teaming up The Whitechapel Centre who support the homeless people in Liverpool, to raise funds and show support.

Ruth McCaughley, Fundraising Manager at The Whitechapel Centre, told JMU Journalism: “The festival organisers approached us and we are delighted to work with them on the festival. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness of homelessness and the work that we do in the city.”

Mr Scott explained why they chose to support The Whitechapel Centre, adding: “We decided recently that from now on, every year we will support one chosen charity and raise as much money for them over the weekend as possible.

“This time around we’ve picked The Whitechapel Centre, because as a local entity they do so much for Merseyside, and as we are very much a community run non-profit festival it seems like a perfect match.

“If 1,000 people turned up and all gave a quid, we could give a hell of a lot of people a bed for the night, and more.”


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