Six-year high for business confidence

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Max Steinberg at DLIB Property Event © Liverpool Vision

Max Steinberg at DLIB Property Event © Liverpool Vision

Confidence in Liverpool businesses has reached a six-year high, reaching its highest level since 2007.

The recent survey figures appear to buck the trend of the recent economic downturn, with over 70 per cent of businesses giving the city a rating of either four or the maximum five. The community spirit, vibrancy and friendliness of the city have been cited as reasons for the increase in confidence regarding Liverpool businesses.

According to the latest figures from a city-wide survey, 48 per cent of businesses in the region are confident that they will grow over the next two years, with 39 per cent suggesting that businesses across the country could grow in the next five years.

Liverpool Vision Chief Executive Max Steinberg told JMU Journalism: “Liverpool offers a world-class business destination. These results show that the region’s businesses not only benefit from the city’s greatly improved provision of premises, a skilled workforce and cleanliness and safety, but also that elements such as friendliness, community spirit and the vibrancy of the city play a crucial role in shaping perceptions.”

In addition to this, 53 per cent of Liverpool businesses have said they expect to take on staff over the next few years, whilst the international offices of some firms have also reinforced their support for the initiative, with 78 per cent of people believing that it has helped their enterprises to grow.

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