Sisterhood all set for women’s day march

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Banners made for the International Women’s Day march. Pic © Liverpool Sisterhood Twitter

A feminist group has hosted a banner-making workshop for all in preparation for International Women’s Day.

Liverpool Sisterhood has announced that members will be gathering this year for the event, which will take place on Sunday March 8th and commence outside St George’s Hall at 12:30pm.

In preparation for the march, the women came together to create powerful and creative banners and placards to display during the rally.

Fliss Radomska, a current member of Liverpool Sisterhood, spoke about how important this historic event is to her, and what message she is sending.

She said: “I think the biggest message we’ve got is about inclusivity. We’re marching for all the issues that affect women.

“A lot of people think that gender equality is something that’s already happened – been and gone. But that’s not really the case.”

She explained how issues such as domestic violence and climate change, which affects a lot of people in the global south, are still ones that people should fight against.

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According to government statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, a reported 1.6 million women aged 16 to 74 have experienced domestic abuse in the last year.

With climate change, Miss Radomska explained how it disproportionately affects women in places such as Madagascar.

She said: ” I know stories of young girls who were having to eat cacti because of the severe drought that had impacted on their food security. Cacti, as a food source, provide insufficient nutrients to prepare women for reproduction, and pregnant women have given birth to babies with a variety of different conditions.

“Liverpool has been labelled one of the most LGBT friendly cities, but many still face a lot of hate.”

She added: “Because of these issues, we are marching for resilience on the individual and community level, and to empower as many people whether you identify as a woman or not, into action.”

In the run up to the march this Sunday, Liverpool Sisterhood has put out social media posts to attract more people and get more involved in sessions they are holding all the way up to the actual day.

Twitter: Liverpool Sisterhood 

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