Sea Odyssey to mark Titanic 100 years on

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Liverpool’s connections to the Titanic will be marked in a grand way to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the world’s then largest ship.

The famous but doomed Titanic, which was registered with the White Star Line at its headquarters in Liverpool, sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage, from Southampton to New York, a century ago this week .

The ship’s captain, Edward John Smith, lived in Liverpool for many years, although the Belfast-built cruise liner Titanic never visited this city.

Centenary events are being held around the world, and Liverpool will pay its own unique tribute with a street theatre called ‘Sea Odyssey’, a ‘Giant Spectacular’ by Jean-Luc Courcoult, where there will be a massive 30ft doll walking through the city centre and surrounding districts.

The celebrations of the anniversary will take place in a three-day parade, from April 20th to 22nd, and the programme will commence at 9.30am on Friday and Saturday, and 9.45am on Sunday. The little girl will start in the Everton area, and the uncle will begin his journey by Albert Dock.

The parade will see the Little Girl Giant and her pet dog, Xolo, search the city for a connection with her family. Meanwhile, her uncle emerges from the River Mersey and also sets off to find his niece and deliver a letter from her late father.

Sarah Langworthy, from Liverpool City Council, told JMU Journalism: “Liverpool was the inspiration for the giant story when Artistic Director, Jean-Luc Courcoult, visited the Merseyside Maritime Museum and read a letter from a little Liverpool girl to her father, who was a steward on the Titanic.

“We put a call out for members of the public to volunteer to be part of the show and nearly 200 responded and will be involved in roles, such as manipulating the giants,” Sarah added.


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