Scouse all-rounder Quinn does it again

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Ray Quinn following his music passion. Pic © Ray Quinn

Ray Quinn following his music passion. Pic © Ray Quinn

Ray Quinn has said he was shocked but chuffed to win the ITV show ‘Get Your Act Together’ after his outstanding impressions of well-known celebs.

The Liverpudlian, who came runner-up in The X Factor, was crowned the winner on last night’s show after outstanding impressions of the likes of Alan Carr, Louie Spence and Michael McIntyre.

The 26-year-old Scouser, who has previously starred in Brookside and twice won Dancing on Ice, thanked the public for getting behind him.

He told JMU Journalism: “I didn’t have a clue [who would win] to be honest, everyone had such great acts and the show itself was absolutely fantastic, to compare five different acts and try and pick one was, which I thought, really difficult for the public, but I am well chuffed that the public got behind me.”

During the two shows, Quinn impersonated several celebrities but told us the hardest one to crack was comedian Michael McIntyre. He said: “The hardest one for me was Michael McIntyre, his voice is ridiculously hard but I got it in the end, it hurt my throat after a while.”

Actor James Bolam was amongst the line-up and he teamed up with singer, Michael Ball, who Quinn saw as his biggest competition.

He continued: “My biggest competition was definitely James [Bolam], they had a great routine and great songs. I think going back to old school variety TV shows is the way forward. It was a really exciting show and I am thrilled I was able to be a part of it.”

Being well-known as an all-round entertainer, Quinn is now focusing on music, which he says is his passion. His new single, They Say Love, is out today and his tour starts next week with a book launch due in March.

Quinn said: “My main passion is my music, that’s what I really want to do. I am happy to do anything that anyone puts in front of me, but music is what moves me and is where I can be my most creative.

“My music’s very sort of Motown, funky soul, all original stuff, I have a team of people around me that are helping me create the music that I want to make so you know it’s very exciting.”

The tour kicks off next Wednesday in Wolverhampton, but hometown Liverpool isn’t on the list.

Quinn added: “Liverpool dates didn’t match up with my tour unfortunately, but I really want to try and get the Cavern booked in at some point this year. Maybe about September time, so keep your eyes peeled for that.”

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