Schools close amid snow disruption

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Snow outside LJMU's Redmonds Building in Liverpool. Photo: Ida Husøy

Snow outside LJMU’s Redmonds Building in Liverpool. Photo: Ida Husøy

As the snowy, wintry weather continues to hit Merseyside, many schools were forced to close on Monday leaving thousands of children with another day off.

More than 35 schools in Liverpool were closed this morning after the snow and icy conditions continue to take its toll on the city, and many more schools were closed early across the region.

As the first significant snowfall of 2013 began on Friday 200 schools across the city were closed early.

Liverpool John Moores University remained open on Monday, though students are advised to check Blackboard for updates if the situation worsens.

A statement on the LJMU website read: “Given that a severe weather warning is in place for Merseyside, the University will be monitoring the situation closely. If conditions change, updates will be published on the University’s website and Blackboard.

“Students are advised to attend classes as usual if they are able to make their journey into University safely, but to take extra care and use common sense on their journeys as roads and pavements are likely to be icy.

Snow in Allerton Road early on Monday morning. Pic: JMU Journalism

Snow in Allerton Road early on Monday morning. Pic: JMU Journalism

“LJMU recognises that some students may face difficulties getting to and from the University and would advice students not to travel if they feel it will compromise their health and safety.

“Students with formal assessments, such as examinations, are required to attend these scheduled sessions unless they are unable to do so as a result of the weather disrupting public transport or making travelling to the University too difficult or unsafe.

“Where students are unable to attend the University as a result of the bad weather, they should contact their tutor as soon as possible for further guidance.”

The severe weather conditions have affected travel across the region, with Mersey Travel suffering some delays and disruption to their bus routes.

However, Merseyrail staff have seen a full day of continued service between their Northern and Wirral line as services are running as normal.

The chilly conditions are set to last for the rest of the week with temperatures dipping below freezing at night. Although the risk of snow is predicted to reduce in the middle of the week, the icy conditions are expected to continue until the weekend.

Liverpool City Council is advising all travellers to adopt a common sense approach when getting to work and consider other means of travel where appropriate and also to check websites before you set off, along with listening listen to local radio.

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