Thousands raised in pupil’s memory

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Chris Salmon: who tragically died aged fifteen

Chris Salmon: who tragically died aged 15

A primary school on the Wirral has raised more than £2,000 in just a week in memory of a former pupil.

Greasby Junior School held a series of different events to raise money for the Chris Salmon Foundation.

Chris Salmon was 15 when he died in 2009 after being diagnosed with a rare form of streptococcal infection and the foundation was launched soon after in his honour.

Various events were held to raise money for the charity which included year six pupils donating prizes from their pocket money which the younger children would then try and win. Children were also encouraged to make cakes at home which would then be sold on the playground.

The library at Greasby Junior School is also named after Chris because he was so fond of poetry and reading. The school stays in touch with his family and recently invited them into an assembly to talk to pupils.

Head teacher Adrian Martin told JMU Journalism: “Chris will never be forgotten at the school. In addition to The Chris Salmon Library, we have the Chris Salmon Behaviour Cup which is awarded each term to four children who have demonstrated outstanding behaviour. Chris will always be remembered here.

“We held a charity week in January and we encourage everyone in the school community to do their bit – the principle of a lot doing a little. A few days before the week in question Chris’s parents came into school to talk to the children in assembly, to explain what the money would be used for.

“In Chris’s memory, this year, we challenged the children to learn, by heart, a poem or section of a poem. He will never be forgotten at this school.”

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