Running to give thanks for ‘miracle’ baby

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Baby Noah. Pic © Paul Eddy

A grateful auntie and uncle have embarked on a selfless running challenge to raise money for Liverpool Women’s Hospital after their staff saved their severally premature nephew.

Paul Eddy and Ruth Eardley of Orrell Park, wanted to show their gratitude for the hospital Neonatal Unit’s hard work over the 16 weeks that baby Noah was clinging to life in their care.

Having completed one out of their five planned runs so far at the annual Santa Dash last weekend, their JustGiving page shows they are already 65% on the way to reaching their £1,500 target as they continue to receive tremendous support from the community.

Noah’s auntie Ruth, 27, told JMU Journalism how parents, Emma and Paul Gleeson, were met with devastating news when Noah was born at just 24 weeks into the pregnancy.

She said: “When Noah was born they were told to say their goodbyes to him. They quickly arranged to have him baptised as they were told his chances of survival were extremely slim.

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“Noah suffered two cardiac arrests and was resuscitated twice. He has had over 20 blood transfusions, numerous infections and undergone heart surgery at Alder Hey. He had laser eye surgery, bleeds on the brain, acute renal failure and five lumbar punctures. Noah also has chronic lung disease and came home from hospital on an oxygen tube.”

Paul, 29, told JMU Journalism how Noah battled through to doctors’ amazement, miraculously coming home on his due date to spend Christmas with his family.

He said: “He is a miracle baby, he has shown tremendous spirit and fought everything thrown his way thanks to the dedication of the doctors and nurses at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.
Without them Noah wouldn’t be here today.

Paul and Ruth at their first race, The Santa Dash. Pic © Paul Eddy

“During Noah’s time in hospital the whole family were extremely worried but we all stuck together to support Emma and Paul. They went through many highs and lows during the 111 days Noah was in the hospital, but got through it now have him home.

“He has been thriving since and everyone is so happy and finally being able to hold him is amazing.”

Ruth said: “It is really important to raise ‘premature’ awareness as it’s something that affects a lot of people. There are so many things people don’t consider; the time spent in the hospital, maternity leave starting four months before your baby even comes home. These things can have a massive impact on families and the more awareness there is the better.”

The upcoming runs Ruth and Paul are taking part are the Chester 10k run in March, the Coast Half Marathon in April, the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in May and the Aintree 5k Colour Run in July.

To find out more information or donate to their cause, visit here.

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