Rocky 10 in business at JMU Journalism

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Rocky 10 Class of 2017. Pic © JMU Journalism

Rocky 10 Class of 2017. Pic © JMU Journalism

The new workforce for JMU Journalism’s ‘Rocky 10’ gathered in the Redmonds Building today to be briefed about what is expected from them as third year students and members of the Liverpool Life news production team.

The graduating class will be responsible for providing content on our website, newspaper, podcast and YouTube TV channel, and today’s meeting was to give an overview about the tasks that will face them this year while being part of Liverpool’s biggest news crew.

The students were also given guidance about the different challenges they may come up against as they aim to graduate on a high.

They were also told about the benefits that the experience of working on a real news operation will bring when entering the world of work, after looking back at their predecessors with the Class of 2016’s achievements on Rocky 9.

YouTube: JMU Journalism Class of 2016 – Rocky 9

Trainee journalist, Cai Griffiths-Sturge, said: “I’m really looking forward to getting started and being part of the team. I’m hoping this experience will be the best possible one to prepare me for the real working world.

“This year should help me improve and polish my existing skills, which I’m hoping will give me the chance to work as a journalist abroad in New Zealand.”

Fellow student, Thomas Begbie, said: “The first two years of the course have been fantastic, and from what I’ve heard, this year is usually the most enjoyable for those who put the work in.

“I also hope the experience will not only help me mature a little, but be a beneficial one that may force me to learn some habits and skills that will ensure I will enjoy a successful working career after my time at university.”

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