Robot dogs giving “Black Mirror vibes”

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The demonstration of newly released robot dogs has caused a stir across Liverpool.

Boston Dynamics, a cutting-edge robotics company, is trialling the ‘Spot’ robots in the city ahead of a potential full roll-out.

In Singapore, the robot dogs have been used to encourage social distancing in public spaces and were often deployed in parks.

Tested outside Liverpool Science Park, the technology is capable of tracking people’s movements, as well as log data to be analysed by businesses.

The new additions to city centre streets have caught the imagination on social media, with one Twitter user writing: “Boot them over. Better now than later! We all know how this ends!”

Others are drawing links between these robotic dogs and famous TV show Black Mirror, whilst some choose to dig a bit deeper.

Another user stated: “On the day the govt announces mass testing in Liverpool Boston Dynamics robots take to the streets. Coincidence? Or another part of the govts plan to control us? #ImJoking.”

Here are more of the best responses to the city’s new canine friends:


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