Review: Warm Digits at Capstone Theatre

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Warm Digits © Gig Junkies

A hush descended upon the Capstone Theatre on Friday as two heavyweight, post-rock ensembles expressed their eeire tendency to reduce any audience to downcast puddles of admiration.

Manchester five-piece, Marconi Union were first to delight a sparse congregation of mid-evening revellers with a whirling soundscape of formidable dread.

Subtle symbols chimed in free flowing tranquillity as they used this low key opportunity to perform a collection of tracks from their recently released album, ‘Different Colours’.

Shimmering key tones echoed as their multi-layered production of understated ambience was received to muted applause.

Dynamic 70s synth rock outfit, Warm Digits offered more in the way of animation as the two piece stormed to the stage to uproarious adulation.

Warped, regurgitated samples ran on a perpetual loop, as fuzzy interludes induced a mild delirium.

A 12-minute improvised rendition of ‘Keep Warm’ was a highlight, in a widely energetic set awash with jazz-laden drum signatures and excessive cowbells. A fresh, modernistic take on 70s electronica married with audacious guitar licks is a potent combination, that’s for sure.

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