Review: Tea Street Band at Kazimier

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Tea Street Band live at Kazimier

Local group The Tea Street Band stole the show at the Everisland Presents: Rural Disco event.

Held at the Kazimier nightclub in Liverpool city centre, the quintet’s style that in its most extreme combines 808 State with Doves and the gang mentality of The Happy Mondays

It seemed to work a treat with the crowd who were literally bouncing and fist-pumping their way through every track played throughout their set.

In fact even one keen reveller was seen waving his crutch in the air as latest single ‘Disco Lights’ bellowed to raucous acclaim.

The event, which had a psychedelic feel to it with live visuals and costumed acts performing amongst the crowd.

Ever Island’s motto ‘If you feel something is missing then do something about it’ certainly rang true as far as this night was concerned. It is quite rare that you will find any event in Liverpool where a night of music contains such weird yet wonderful production in a venue which seemed the ideal fit.

Although their set was the last of the evening, the wait was definitely worth it and their 45 minute performance  seemed to fly by on a wave of euphoria.

The band, who have been working alongside local indie label JackToPhono records for the past three months, hope to record an album in the near future. Speaking to JMU Journalism lead singer Timo Tierney said: “They just want us in recording and that’s what we want to do, release music for people to listen to.”

With regards to the crowd’s manic reaction and at previous gigs, Tierney said: “I cannot start to try and put it into words. I honestly well up with tears in my eyes every time we play, I’m not exaggerating either. It’s like no other experience in the world. It makes me proud of whom I am.

“I just look at everyone and they are so happy. It takes us out the struggles of everyday and when people are punching the air and singing along I feel we are winning. We are in this for escapism. If the crowd are letting loose and going mad we are providing what we are there for.”

Tierney believes nobody else is doing what The Tea Street Band is doing. He added: “We are going to try and take this as far as we possibly can. We might get nowhere but we’re going to give it our most to try and make it successful. I want to see the world and pass on the way we do things in Liverpool.”


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