Review: Father O’Flaherty SOS

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Father O'Flaherty © Bond Media Agency

Father O’Flaherty © Bond Media Agency

Alan Stocks’ raucously funny ‘Father O’Flaherty Save Our Souls’ kicked off at Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre with a bang.

Having featured in a number of shows over the years, the priest took centre stage for the first time and, judging by the laughs of the audience, seems to have been a huge success.

Before the show had even begun there was a keen sense of intrigue and a buzz that swept through the beautiful theatre.

Save Our Souls follows the story of an outrageous Catholic priest with a penchant for drink. Father O’Flaherty is struck off by the Archbishop of Liverpool and is about to perform his last mass.

The Father is joined by two ‘nuns on the run’ with a lust for men and all things not accepted by most within the church. Mrs Ruby, the foul-mouthed housekeeper, may have stolen the show however with a performance actor Clare Bowles will be proud of.

The show was full of classic gags and stabs at modern culture, which was very reminiscent of Mrs Brown’s Boys and Father Ted. After the show Alan told JMU Journalism: “It’s been a fantastic night, the audience were phenomenal which they normally are at the Royal Court. It’s very special. The cast know they come to be entertained and the people on stage do exactly that and that’s what it’s all about and God bless them all.”

It’s clear to see just how much this character means to Mr Stocks and, indeed, the audience watching. They were treated to possibly the best lip sync battle you’re ever likely to see and, without spoiling it too much, the father kills Gangnam Style.

The show is entertaining and should live long in the memory. Father O’Flaherty Save Our Souls runs until November 12th at the Royal Court.

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