Review: Farmaggedon fright night

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Zombie school girl at Farmaggedon 2015 © JMU Journalism

Zombie school girl at Farmaggedon 201. Pic © JMU Journalism

Horror attraction, Farmaggedon, has returned for what it promises to be its most frightening year yet with a new house of ghouls, Contagion 3D, and Zombie Outlaw.

Based on Farmer Ted’s farm, Farmaggedon is an extreme horror experience for adults and features three theatrical houses: The Meat Locker; Terror on the Farm and Contagion.

The Psychosis house was dumped this year after the attraction was accused of reinforcing negative stereotypes of mental illness, and its replacement Contagion is a toxic mess of destruction, disfigured bodies and twisted souls, featuring medical staff and lab techs craving human blood.

Those brave enough to enter are given 3D glasses for a psychological horror experience. Although this house may not be as frightening as Psychosis, the 3D experience was original and exciting.  However, with so many unexpected ramps and steps keeping your footing is an absolute must.

The new interactive attraction, Zombie Outlaw, allows visitors to get down and dirty with paintball guns as a fictional virus has got out, turning everyone into zombies.

The Meat Locker has stepped up its game this year and is now creepier than ever, with crazed pig butchers and slaughter houses of human flesh. Although actors cannot touch, they find creative ways of frightening visitors by blowing in their faces and holding weapons over them.

Terror on the Farm, the ultimate Farmaggedon experience, never fails to disappoint as this is a house of mayhem with damaged spirits hunting for human souls. Visitors are confronted with murderers and bloodthirsty farmers. Strobe lighting makes the experience more scary as you never know what’s waiting around the corner.

Long queues can be the downfall of the attraction but it is fair to say that visitors leave with a sore throat from screaming and fast-beating heart after being approached with axes, chainsaws and even having death threats shouted in their faces.

Farmaggedon 2015 is now sold out.

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