Review: Diversity at the Echo Arena

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Diversity at the Echo Arena © JMU Journalism

Diversity at the Echo Arena © JMU Journalism

It’s been almost six years since London-based dance troupe Diversity won Britain’s Got Talent, beating the nation’s favourite, Susan Boyle.

All these years later, the boys are still going strong. Ashley Banjo is a judge on a massive dance show ‘Got To Dance’ and Perri Kiely was recently crowned the winner of ITV’s ‘Splash!’

They’re now touring up and down the UK in December to show the nation why they’re still around.

The crowd in the Echo Arena was filled with families and kids, excited to see the greatest pantomime in town and ‘Limitless: The Reboot’ didn’t disappoint, with the crowd interacting with the storyline of the troupe, clapping and gasping, as well as booing the villain ‘The Dark Destroyer.’

The stage was fully equipped with trampolines, trap doors, high wires, LCD screens and not forgetting a Dr Who style red pay-phone time machine.

Diversity play the protectors of earth, who fight the Dark Destroyer through the street-style dance they’re so famous for.

Perri, the afro-haired kid who was famously thrown around the stage a lot, has grown-up since his BGT days so it’s down to young Theo. He acts as a scientist who fixes the time machine and makes special power suits for the crew to help defeat the Dark Destroyer.

Overall the show had action, drama, death and even a love interest between Ashley and Theo’s older sister.

It ends with Ashley saving the world and bringing all his friends back to life before addressing the audience, telling them: “We’re all limitless, we don’t need superpowers to be the best we can be. Dream, believe, achieve. We do the show to prove people they are limitless.”

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