Return of deadly threat for dogs on beaches

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Palm oil. Pic © Anna Williams

Dog-walkers are being advised to take extra care if they are visiting the coast due to palm oil which is deadly for pets being washed up again on Formby and Crosby beaches.

High and rough tides due to Storm Ciara have caused the substance to wash up along the coast, with at least dogs recently having passed away due to consuming palm oil.

The source of the oil deposits is the Kimya – a Maltese vessel that capsized off the coast of Holyhead 26 years ago during a storm.

Crosby resident, Anna Williams, whose dog fell ill after coming into contact with the oil, told JMU Journalism: “Be extra vigilant on the beach if you can as I had to go to the emergency vet after our pup has eaten some palm oil. It has a waxy consistency and it smells like diesel.”

The National Trust, which has revealed a dog passed away last month for this reason, has pet owners to be careful after rough tides have resulted in new deposits.

A spokesperson for National Trust told JMU Journalism: “If your dog has come into contact with palm oil, get it to the vet as soon as you can. Don’t finish your walk, get straight in the car, pop to the nearest vet and ask them for advice.”

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